Extinction Rebellion Days of Action


Taking Action

We are in a period of abrupt climate breakdown. We have to start acting like the adults we are. We are children no longer!   


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The Extinction Rebellion is determined to ....

Declaration of Rebellion Against the British Government For
Criminal Inaction in the Face of Climate Change Catastrophe and Ecological Collapse.

We will, in accordance with our conscience and a clear duty to our children; our communities; this nation and planet; declare a non-violent rebellion on behalf of life itself and against our criminally negligent government.

Our government's abject failure to protect citizens and the next generations from unimaginable suffering brought about by climate breakdown and social collapse is no longer acceptable.

We can't stand by and allow the ongoing destruction of all we love. 

Our hearts break and we rage against this madness.
We have a right and duty to rebel in the face of this tyranny of idiocy - in the face of this planned collective suicide.

Join us.


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